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Progress of GWR TOAD

17410 - 2016

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The veranda door posts will be getting similar treatment
The bases of the cabin door posts were found to be badly corroded and new sections have been fabricated and fitted
2 views showing the corroded feet
The new steel work
Buffers and buffer beam on the veranda end have been cleaned and painted
September 2016
Colin our master carpenter has been busy making replacement veranda doors and cabin windows.
Work continues with the ballast boxes, de-rusting and replacement badly corroded steel, making of replacement doors
and windows and painting the buffer beam and  buffers.
Colin being framed
2 views of the new windows
2 views showing the trial fitting of the new doors
Five of the eight ballast bins have now been emptied, cleaned, de-rusted and painted, the ballast was cleaned and
The cleaning and painting of a ballast bin. Note the pile of scrap at the side used as ballast
September 2016 update
One ballast box left to empty, de-rust, paint and re-fill. Some more corroded steel has been replaced.
Replacement steel work on door posts completed
Head stock coupling hook strengthener plates are cracked and both ends need to be replaced.
Colin has been busy again making the Guard’s desk using parts from an old school desk
And the Guard’s seat has been repaired and recovered
The new front steel panel has been positioned
ready for attaching
New  steel side panels awaiting fitting
Our carpenter has set about making a new one
18th October 2016
Reconstruction of  the veranda steel work gets underway.
The lower sections of the corner posts have been replaced (bolts are for assembly purposes only)
New  curb rails have been fitted
The rear cabin hatch was found to be beyond repair due to rot
20th October 2016
Third side is fitted and the steel floor plate work is installed
The third side of the veranda
Steel floor plates these support the sand boxes,
brake handle stand and brake vacuum cylinder