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Progress of GWR TOAD

17410 - 2017

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February 2017

Work on the Toad has been progressing the removal and replacement of corroded steel In and around the sand and ballast boxes at the cabin end. The top edge of the steel side walls have been modified in an attempt to stop water ingress. Construction of the new sand boxes at the veranda in progress. First section of the brake gear overhaul has been completed.

View showing the corroded steel removed

View inside a sand box

View showing new steel work in place

Views showing the old top edge of the steel side walls in process of removal and replacement edge construction.

Views showing the progress of new sand box construction

Views of one part of the refurbished brake gear

And the lamp bracket has been attached

March 2017

Due to the team helping out at Kidderminster in the week work on the Toad is only occurring at weekends.

The ballast in the Van has now been refilled. The frame steel work on the outside of the van has now been reconstructed. New coupling hook guide plates have been fitted along with the coupling hooks at both ends and the buffer stocks at the van end refitted.

Refilled ballast box

View of the new Veranda sand boxes

Veranda end coupling fitted

Van end steel work completed, coupling hook and guide fitted along with buffer stocks.