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Progress of
LNER Brake Pigeon Van 70759 / 24506  -  2016

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20th August 2016
The carriage has been put on the overhauled bogies, the buffer height set and the final checks made before its test
run prior entering traffic.
Calculation of total length of linage
Set detail and date painting completed added
This is a recreation of one of the parcel destination chalk boards
Internal views of the Luggage / Pigeon area
This will upset the purists, but we are using LED lamps
Various signs added.
The seats came back from the upholsterers and were fitted.
9th February 2016
The Carriage 70759 emerges from the Kidderminster Paintshop in it’s new identity 24506. The change of number is
due to the change of vehicle type, 70000 numbers were used for Parcels and Pigeon vans, this is now a Brake Third
Corridor and the number is from a vehicle destroyed in the war.
2 views of the carriage, view on the right also showing the refurbished bogies awaiting fitment
Carriage in the Carriage Shed awaiting its slot in the Mechanical workshop
January 2016
Work carried out whilst in the Kidderminster Paintshop.
An external and internal view of the Guards Compartment
The following pictures show various stages of the lining and signing of carriage
17th March 2016
24506 (70759) enter the Mechanical Workshop for fitment of vacuum brake cylinders, completion of steam heat
and the change over to the overhauled bogies and final safety checks.
1st July 2016
The vacuum brake cylinders have been fitted, the brake rigging has been overhauled, the steam heat system has
been completed and tested, the mirrors have arrived and have been fitted and the gangways attached.
Vacuum cylinder mounted
Brake layshaft re-bushed
Hand brake linkage re-pinned and bushed
Overhauled Buckeye coupling fitted
Steam heating pipe work completed and tested
The long awaited new mirrors and frames
Mirrors fitted
Gangway plates and gangway bellows fitted
11th August A stock movement between Bewdley and Kidderminster was required and
24506 was used as the brake vehicle for it giving the opportunity for final checks before its test run.
August 17th GWR 813 was undergoing running trials and 24506 was added to the train for its test run.
Click here for video
24506 at Bridgnorth
20th August 24506 entered traffic on the 9:45 off Kidderminster
24506 on the set at Kidderminster
24506 passing through Bewdley