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Progress of LNER Brake Pigeon Van 70759  -  2013
January  2013
The transformation of BG(P) 70759 into a Brake 3rd (BTK) continues with the completion of the re-framing of the
corridor side. We are taking advantage of the dryish bit of weather and have started the re-framing of the
compartment side.
January  5th
Final positioning of the
second section of frame
Second frame section in position
View showing the first and second
sections of frames in position
A grumpy customer complaining about the
seats and the excessive ventilation
We told him to shut up and finish the job!
February  2013
A milestone has been reached on completion of the re-framing of the compartment side.
2 views showing the frames from the outside.
Internal and external views of new fitted top panels
In the SVR brochure it states the carriages are lovingly restored in our own workshops!
Can somebody tell us where our workshop is?
Temporary lower external cover removed
And now for the top panels
Last set of original match
boarding before removal.
Match boarding removed.
Note the loose external panel securing blocks!
Removal of last panel and frames
Colin finishing the final section of frames.
What do you call a collection of clamps?
Checking the width of the doorway
Frames glued and bolted in position.
An external view of the fitted frames
View showing the length of new framing
And we solved the problem of cleaning the
We got rid of the bench!
March  2013
At the end of March the Teak panelling arrived and after unloading and stacking, the task of measuring and sorting
began before the nerve racking job of cutting it to size, then the good bit, fitting them.
Upper Panel fitted
First coat of varnish
A new type of motive power has been under going trials
Temporary plywood panel removed showing for the
last time the frames and back of the match boarding
Lower panel fitted
Beading attached and varnish flatted
ready for another coat
After yet another coat of varnish
Fitting of the last section
of goods end panelling
Panelling completed
Mike applying primer to
screw heads prior to filling
Compartment side panelled out
A number of blind boxes
The brake stand has been reinstated
As the fat controller would say, the battery
box has had a new coat of paint
In preparation for the new roof some spare roof
hoops have been cleaned and painted.
July  2013
Thursday 18th Shunt day! The long awaited move in to the Bewdley Carriage and Wagon Works for re-roofing.
2 views of 70759 without tarpaulins prior to the shunt.
2 Views showing the completed panelling and the new passenger section
70759 approaching the C & W Works
70759 in the C & W Works
After an hour waiting out on the Stourport line while the yard is cleared, 70759
returns for the move in to the C & W Works
July  - December 2013
Re-roofing and other work completed.
Start of roof removal
Roof boards removed
Example of screws removed from
roof with new one for comparison.
Refurbished roof hoops reinstalled
Teak end panels fitted
First coat of varnish going on
Panel repair / replacement completed
on guards compartment.
Water tank mountings under construction.
New roof completed and ceiling supports
for compartments
Ceiling and corridor screen supports
Freight end undercoated
End panels varnished, dimension plates
and jumper terminal boxes fitted
Roof vent pattress
Water tank fitted. Note the green roof canvas
on the right of photo
View of passenger / freight junction
Luggage Doors
Roof canvas fitted and trimmed
End view of roof canvas
Freight end lights fitted
Also Guards light
Through control wiring
A white roof complete with capping strip
Roof vents fitted
End capping strip
Destination board brackets
Internal ventilator
Last door to get overhauled is fitted
Water tank filler pipes fitted
Internal ventilator over water tank
End panel beading begins
Beading completed
Side flatted ready for another coat of varnish
Another coat of varnish !